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If like us you love our Seas and the marine life that lives within, you are probably feeling worried about the future of this criticial eco-system. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the scale of the global programme and feel powerless to do anything positive to make a difference. This can make us switch off and do nothing or feel very depressed by the state of the world. 
At Easy Divers, we believe that if everyone does their bit in every corner of the globe, we do have the power to make a difference. Forget the politicians, there are social enterprises popping up everywhere, to help raise awarenss of the pollution and over-fishing issues facing our oceans and coming up with practical initiatives to turn the tide in favour of the survival of our seas and ultimately our planet.  
There is nothing more empowering than getting involved and doing your bit, together we can bring about change! 
What You Can Do! 
You can help reduce plastic pollution by following the steps below:- 
Refuse as far as possible to buy food packaged in plastic, espcially non-recylable single-use plastic 
Use reusable non-plastic water bottles and hot drinks containers 
Refuse plastic strawers 
Don't use plastic carrier bags 
Find out what your local council recyles and try not to buy anything that isn't on the list 
Buy female sanitary products with cardboard applicators 
Use soap bars for washing and shampoo/conditioning bars in place of bottled products 
Buy cotton buds made from wood and cotton 
Buy a safety razor and stop using disposable razors 
Buy a Guppy bag for your washing machine, to stop fibres being washed into the sea 
Write to your local MP expressing your disgust with how little is being done to tackle the plastic problem 
Read "No More Plastic by Martin Dorey", a great realistic and practical guide to plastic-free living 
Support organisations fighting for the future of our seas:- 
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